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Lily Yudinsky 


Archival / Visual Researcher




Photo: Billy Segal-Gezelius

Visual Researcher / Archival Producer

Lily Yudinsky is a visual researcher and Archival producer for more than 24 years.


Winner of the Best Archival Research for Documentry Series by The Israeli Academy of Fim and Television - 2023 for the series "Eichmann: The Lost Tapes".


Winner of the Best Research award in Docaviv Film Festival 2023 for the film "1948: Remember, Remember Not".

Winner of the Best Research award in Docaviv Film Festival 2020 for the film "Blue Box".

Winner of 2019 award for best archival research for Documentary series "Transition Camps" from the Israeli Television Academy and the Israeli FDOC (Documentary Forum).

Winner of FOCAL award for 2019 best archival research for "Marianne & Leonard  Words of Love"

Graduate of Tel Aviv University, B.A. and M.A

in Film Studies and Literature (Magna cum Laude).

Lives near Tel-Aviv, she's an expert in Israeli archives, but works on a daily basis with worldwide archives, and can find anything rare and hidden for films and documentaries.

Lily clears copyrights, negotiate the terms and licenses, and get good prices and fast delivery thanks to her long and close relationships with the archives.

Lily researched archives in Israel for world-known awarded filmmakers such as Yariv Mozer ("The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes", 2023); LOOKSfilm "Terror at the Games: Munich 72'" (2022); Daniel Sivan and Yossi Bloch ("The Devil next Door", 2019 – Netflix); "Nick Broomfield ("Marianne & Leonard Words of Love", 2019); Daniel Sivan and Mor Louchy ("Oslo Diaries", 2018 - HBO); Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Lichtblick film ("The Red Orchestra", 2018); En Compagnie des Lamas ("Atlit", 2014); North-South Productions for Discovery Channel ("Bulletpoints", 2012); Steffan Jolen ("1947"); Michal Rovner Studio, N.Y ("Har Menuchot project", 2017); Michael Lopatin – Marlo group, film ("Ayalon – The Secret Beneath the Hill");Oren Rudavsky & Joseph Dorman ("Colliding Dreams", 2015); Tomer and Barak Heymann ("Mister Gaga", 2014); Avi Nesher ("Pastlife", 2016); Pierre-Henry Salfati ("Martin Buber Itinéraire d'un humaniste"); Vincent de Cointet ("1973, War Diary"); and many others.

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 Showcase of few Archival projects

2023 - "The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes". directed by Yaeiv Mozer, Produced by MGM Television, Sipur - Tadmor Entertainment, Alice Communications

Docaviv 2023 Winner of best archival research for "1948: Remember, Remember not"

Docaviv 2022 official Selection, Winner of Israeli Oscars of the Film Academy for best Documentary series, director, editting, photography and Archival Research

2022 - "Terror at the Games - Munich 72'", directed by: Bence Máté and Lucio Mollica, LOOKSfilm in Co-Production with rbb, SWR Fernsehen, and BR - Bayerischer Rundfunk, and in collaboration with France Télévisions, SVT and VPRO

2021 – "The Fourth Window (Amos Oz)", directed and produced by Yair Qedar, Docaviv 2021 - official selection; Blue Box, Winner of Archival Researcher award at Docaviv Festival 2020; directed by Michal Weits, Norma productions, Docaviv 2021 official selection; Mission Hebron, a film by Ronna Segal, produced by Idit Kliger and Kobi Mizrahi, SFF 2021 official selection


2020 – "Desert Tested", Documentary feature, directed and produced by Avi Weissblai, Docaviv 2020  official selection; HFF 2020  official selection


2018-2020: "War without name", Documentary series on 1st Lebanon war directed by Israel Rozner, produced by Beyond Creative.


2017-2018: "The Murder of Arlosoroff", Documentary directed and produced by Avi Weissblei; "Astir Panai" Documentary about The Rabbi from Kloizenburg-Zanz, Directed by Eyal Datz, produced by Yoav Leshem – Beyond Creative.

2017: Arik Einstein Docu series in 6 chapters for yes Docu, directed by Avida Livni, Norma production; Zohar Argov Docu serie in 3 chapters, HOT 8, directed and produced by Elil Tikshoret.


2015-2017: Archival Researcher of 7 episodes out of 15 for IBA channel 1 Docu serie about the History of the Land of Israel from the pre-historic age till 1898.


2016: Chief visual researcher, "Neelamot", a Mocumentary series directed and produced by Yair Qedar and Ilan Peled. The episode" Lillian. Poetess" was awarded Best Documentary Film for 2016.


2015: Archive research for a film about Martin Buber, produced by Compagnie des Phares & Balises, France.


2014-2015: Archive research for "Disturbing the Peace", directed by Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young, and produced by Chakana Films, USA.


2013-2015: Visual research for "Mr. Gaga", a film about Ohad Naharin, directed by Tomer Heymann, produced by The Heymann Brothers.


2013: Archive research for "1973, War Diary", a two-part series directed by Vincent de Cointet, produced by Alma Films/Arik Bernstein for ZDF/Arte and The Second Authority for Television and Radio.


2012: Archive research for "Bullet Points", a series about wars worldwide, produced for The Discovery Channel by North-South Productions.


2012-2015: Historic archive research for "The Zionist Idea: Colliding Dreams", a film about the history of Zionism directed by Oren Rudavsky, produced by Riverside Productions/Joseph Dorman.


2011: Chief Visual Researcher for "Israel: Home Movie", a three-part series and a film, produced by Alma Films/Arik Bernstein.


2009-2011: Visual research for "Israeli Fashion", a five-part series produced by Naftali Gliksberg/Glikscom and Herzliya Studios.


2006/2009: Visual research for "Travels of the Duck", directed by Gabriel Bibliowicz, produced by Matar Doc/Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-On for yes Docu.


2008-2009: Stills research for "Tel Aviv Yafo", a three-part series by Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-On/Modi and Anat Ltd for Channel 8 and Channel 10.




Lily's Archival Work

Lily's Archival Work
אייכמן - ההקלטות האבודות  The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tape

אייכמן - ההקלטות האבודות The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tape

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מעברות | תוהו ובוהו - פרק 1 - פרק הבכורה

מעברות | תוהו ובוהו - פרק 1 - פרק הבכורה

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זוהר ארגוב סוף עצוב וידוע מראש - פרק 1 המלא

זוהר ארגוב סוף עצוב וידוע מראש - פרק 1 המלא

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NL-HaNA_2.24.14.02_0_255-0021 Davar pres

Podcast with Lily Yudinsky in KAN Tarbut "Behind the Scenes: with Ruthie Keren, 29.10.2021

The Photo Detective

Lily Yudinsky solves historical mysteries by delving into forgotten photos and film

By Shira Leibowitz Schmidt

published at Amimagazine, July 4 2018

Interview at Archive Valey on Home-Movies as creative solution for small countries Docu industry

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If you want to join me on a trip down memory lane, if you want to dive into a pool of old imagery, to plunge head on into numerous archival treasures, and wish to hire my vast knowledge and know how around both Israeli archives and those abroad, don't hesitate to contact me when you next archival project comes around the corner.

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