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 Showcase of few Archival projects


2018-2020: "War without name", Documemtary serie on 1st Lebanon war directed by Israel Rozner, produced by Beyond creative;


2017-2018: "The Murder of Arlosoroff", Documentary directed and produced by Avi Weissblei; "Astir Panai" Documentary about The Rabbi from Kloizenburg-Zanz, Directed by Eyal Datz, produced by Yoav Leshem – Beyond Creative.


2017: Arik Einstein Docu serie in 6 chapters for yes Docu, directed by Avida Livni, Norma production; Zohar Argov Docu serie in 3 chapters, HOT 8, directed and produced by Elil Tikshoret.


2015-2017: Archival Researcher of 7 episodes out of 15 for IBA channel 1 Docu serie about the History of the Land of Israel from the pre-historic age till 1898.


2016: Chief visual researcher, "Neelamot", a mocumentary series directed and produced by Yair Qedar and Ilan Peled. The episode" Lillian. Poetess" was awarded Best Documentary Film for 2016.


2015: Archive research for a film about Martin Buber, produced by Compagnie des Phares & Balises, Frabce.


2014-2015: Archive research for "Disturbing the Peace", directed by Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young, and produced by Chakana Films, USA.

2013-2015: Visual research for "Mr. Gaga", a film about Ohad Naharin, directed by Tomer Heymann, produced by The Heymann Brothers.

2013: Archive research for "1973, War Diary", a two-part series directed by Vincent de Cointet, produced by Alma Films/Arik Bernstein for ZDF/Arte and The Second Authority for Television and Radio.

2012: Archive research for "Bullet Points", a series about wars worldwide, produced for The Discovery Channel by North-South Productions.

2012-2015: Historic archive research for "The Zionist Idea: Colliding Dreams", a film about the history of Zionism directed by Oren Rudavsky, produced by Riverside Productions/Joseph Dorman.


2011: Chief Visual Researcher for "Israel: Home Movie", a three-part series and a film, produced by Alma Films/Arik Bernstein.


2009-2011: Visual research for "Israeli Fashion", a five-part series produced by Naftali Gliksberg/Glikscom and Herzliya Studios.


2006-2009: Visual research for "Travels of the Duck", directed by Gabriel Bibliowicz, produced by Matar Doc/Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-On for yes Docu.


2008-2009: Stills research for "Tel Aviv Yafo", a three-part series by Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-On/Modi and Anat Ltd for Channel 8 and Channel 10.




Lily's Archival Work

Lily's Archival Work
אייכמן - ההקלטות האבודות  The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tape

אייכמן - ההקלטות האבודות The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tape

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מעברות | תוהו ובוהו - פרק 1 - פרק הבכורה

מעברות | תוהו ובוהו - פרק 1 - פרק הבכורה

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זוהר ארגוב סוף עצוב וידוע מראש - פרק 1 המלא

זוהר ארגוב סוף עצוב וידוע מראש - פרק 1 המלא

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Lily researched archives in Israel for world-known awarded filmmakers such as Daniel Sivan and Yossi Bloch ("The Devil next Door", 2019 – Netflix); "Nick Broomfield ("Marianne & Leonard Words of Love", 2019); Daniel Sivan and Mor Louchy ("Oslo Diaries", 2018 - HBO); Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Lichtblick film ("The Red Orchestra", 2018); En Compagnie des Lamas ("Atlit", 2014); North-South Productions for Discovery Channel ("Bulletpoints", 2012); : Steffan Jolen ("1947"); Michal Rovner Studio, N.Y ("Har Menuchot project", 2017); Michael Lopatin – Marlo group, film ("Ayalon – The Secret Beneath the Hill");Oren Rudavsky & Joseph Dorman ("Colliding Dreams", 2015); Tomer and Barak Heymann ("Mister Gaga", 2014); Avi Nesher ("Pastlife", 2016); Pierre-Henry Salfati ("Martin Buber Itinéraire d'un humaniste"); Vincent de Cointet ("1973, War Diary"); and many others.

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