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Visual Researcher / Archival Producer.

Lily Yudinsky is a visual researcher and Archival producer for more than 20 years. Winner of 2019 award for best archival research for Documentary serie "Transition Camps" from the Israeli Television Academy and the Israeli FDOC (Documentary Forum).


Tel Aviv University, B.A. and M.A in Film Studies and Literature (Magna cum Laude).

Lives near Tel-Aviv, Israel, she's an expert in Israeli archives, but works on daily basis with worldwide archives, and can find anything rare and hidden for documentary films and TV.

Lily clears copyrights, negotiate the terms and licenses, and get good prices and fast delivery thanks to her long and close relationships with the archives.

Lily researched archives in Israel for world-known awarded filmmakers such as Daniel Sivan and Yossi Bloch ("The Devil next Door", 2019 – Netflix); "Nick Broomfield ("Marianne & Leonard Words of Love", 2019); Daniel Sivan and Mor Louchy ("Oslo Diaries", 2018 - HBO); Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Lichtblick film ("The Red Orchestra", 2018); En Compagnie des Lamas ("Atlit", 2014); North-South Productions for Discovery Channel ("Bulletpoints", 2012); : Steffan Jolen ("1947"); Michal Rovner Studio, N.Y ("Har Menuchot project", 2017); Michael Lopatin – Marlo group, film ("Ayalon – The Secret Beneath the Hill");Oren Rudavsky & Joseph Dorman ("Colliding Dreams", 2015); Tomer and Barak Heymann ("Mister Gaga", 2014); Avi Nesher ("Pastlife", 2016); Pierre-Henry Salfati ("Martin Buber Itinéraire d'un humaniste"); Vincent de Cointet ("1973, War Diary"); and many others.

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